Public Interventions

July 20, 2016

Governor’s speech of the National Bank of Angola, Valter Filipe Duarte da Silva, at the openning of the Annual Regional Conference of SADC’s Payments Systems

Honorable Members of the Board of Directors of National Bank of Angola,
Excellency Mr. Tim Masela, Coordinator of SADC’s Payment Systems Subcommittee,
Excellency Mr. Arlindo Lombe, Coordinator of the Subcommittee of TIC from CCBG,
Excellency Mr. Jason Milton, Coordinator of the Secretariat from CCBG,
Excellency Mr. Maxine Hlaba of the Association of Banks,
Eminent Representatives from SADC’s Central and Commercial Banks,
Dear Delegates and Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great honor for the National Bank of Angola to host this Annual Regional Conference about the SADC’s Payments Systems.

I would like to warmly welcome you to Luanda, especially to all delegates who do not reside in Angola.

Luanda is a cosmopolitan and vibrant city. I truly hope that you can take time to explore some of its tourist attractions.

I thank the members of SADC’s Payment Systems subcommittee, for the opportunity to host this event within the framework of the implemented rotativity among the countries of our region, based on the need to share, leveling of information and experiences concerning the development of the respective payment systems, in order to be in line with the best international practices, also providing the evaluation on the fulfillment of defined tasks by the Committee of Governors from the SADC’s Central Banks (CCBG).

This conference starting today and which will last two days, it represents a clear sign of concern about the need for the development and harmonization of the functional environment of the region’s Payment Systems.

The work schedule will provide an excellent opportunity for the Exchange of ideas and to explore opinions on the main challenges for which the payment systems are being facing to the level of SADC, namely:
  • The harmonization of the legal framework concerning the Payment Systems;
  • The introduction of more settlement currencies into the SIRESS;
  • The introduction of regional retail payments in the liquidation of the SIRESS;
  • The Mobile Payments, among others.
The National of Angola remains committed in monitoring actions that promote the innovation and the development of our financial systems, in general and particularly, concerning our payment systems for which I urge everyone here, strong dedication and commitment in approaching the proposed themes for the good of our region.

With these brief words, this event is now open.