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December 23, 2014

Speech of the Governor of the National Bank of Angola in the National Assembly – Law proposal for the issuance and circulation of metallic coins of 20 Kwanzas

Your Excellency Mr. President of the National Assembly,
Your Excellencies and Members of the National Assembly,

On December 17 of 2013, the thirtieth fiftieth anniversary of the death of Queen Njinga a Mbandi was marked by a set of national and international initiatives aimed at honoring the sovereign of the kingdoms of Ndongo and Matamba.

The legacy of Njinga's a Mbanbi resistance, courage, determination and astuteness in defense of the sovereignty, culture and dignity of her people, in a context of open confrontation against the colonizing presence in the seventeenth century, expanded throughout the world through the African forcibly removed from their lands. Njinga a Mbanbi became a symbol of resistance and struggle for the freedom of the people, appearing in the pantheon and gallery of universal history.

Because the strength of the history of its achievements has inspired, over the centuries, the following generations in the struggle for the self-determination of Angola and the Angolans, and in the context of the celebrations in its honor, we intend to issue a commemorative metallic coin that has legal tender and liberating power throughout the national territory.

Thus, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 9 of the National Bank Law of Angola, and by incumbency of the holder of the Executive Branch, we have the great honor to submit to this plenary, the proposed law that authorizes the National Bank of Angola to issue and to put into circulation a metallic coin of 20 Kwanzas.

The coin will be part of 2012 Kwanza family, approved by Law 20/12 of 30 of July, with two-color, coated in bronze and silver, and containing the effigy of Queen Njinga a Mbandi, the face value and elements identifying the national culture

Thank you for your attention.

Diário da República - I Series - N.º 73 of 17 of April of 2014