May 16, 2016

Money and Foreign Exchange Markets

Money and Foreign Exchange Markets - From 09.05 to 13.05.2016

1. Foreign Exchange Market 

In the period under review, the BNA performed sales of foreign exchange in the amount equivalent to USD 217.8 millions (EUR 194.9 millions), being:

1. USD 45.4 millions in price auction for coverage of import needs from companies providing services to the oil sector;

2. USD 65.3 milhões for coverage of several import operations related with the sectoral programs of the executive, namely supplies, raw materials and equipments, for the sectors of Agriculture, Industry and Fisheries;

3. USD 30.0 millions for coverage of the airlines’ needs;

4. USD 24.0 millions for transactions of particular nature, related to family support, travels, health, education and remittances;

5. USD 20.0 millions for coverage of telecommunications’ needs;

6. EUR 15.6 millions for import operations of  medicines and hospital material;

7. USD 10.0 millions for coverage of several banking operations;

8. USD 7.0 millions for currency hedging of non-resident wages;

The average exchange rate of sale reference of the US Dollar of the primary foreign exchange market, determined at the end of the week was USD=Kz 166.708.

The average exchange rate of sale reference of the EURO of the primary foreign exchange market, determined at the end of the week was EUR=Kz 186.262.


2. Tax Transactions

For the current management of the National Treasury, the National Bank of Angola, as a State operator, placed in the primary market Treasury Securities in the amount of Kz 56.9 billions, being:

i) Kz 47.8 billions in Treasury Bills (TB’s); and 

ii) Kz 9.1 billions in Treasury Bonds (TB’s). 

The Treasury Bonds issued were in the maturities of 2, 3 and 5 years and the nominal interest rates, respective, of 7.00%, 7.25% and 7.75% per year.

The average interest rates determined for the Treasury Bills in the maturities of 91, 182 and 364 days with variation between 0.03pp, 0.41pp and 0.90pp compared to the last week, having stood at:

i. 14.85%py for 91 days;
ii. 17.53%py for 182 days;
iii. 19.10%py for 364 days.

In the direct sales segment of securities to the public was placed the amount of Kz 4.0 billions, being:

  • Kz 1.0 billions in Treasury Bills, for maturities of 91, 182 and 364 days;
  • Kz 3.0 millions in TBNC/ER (Treasury Bonds in National Currency Indexed to the Exchanged Rate) for maturities of 2 and 3 years.

3. Monetary Transactions

For the purposes of monetary regulation, the BNA has carried out open market operations (OMO) in the amount of Kz 9.9 billions, for maturity of 28 days. 

4. Interbank Money Market

In the interbank market, the commercial banks held with each other liquidity-providing operations without securities guarantee, in the accumulated amount of Kz 32.7 billions, in different maturities. 

The average daily turnover of transactions was Kz 8.2 billions, lower by about 22.14% compared to the last week. 


The overnight LUIBOR (1 day), determined in the last day of the week, based in the liquidity-providing above, it stood at 14.01%py, without variation compared to the last week.

The LUIBOR for the maturities of 30, 90, 180, 270 and 360 days stood at 14.27%, 15.36%, 16.43%, 17.30% and 17.89%, per year, respectively, registering slight variations in all maturities,  between 0.15pp and 0.58pp, compared to the previous week.